Romano Porni is a veteran of the Brno dj scene and a former member of the DJs and producers crew called Electronic Bitches. You can find their influences in the local underground scene, eighties vibe and rave culture. Romano’s first steps as a DJ date back to 2002 with a purchase of his first turntables. Later in 2004 the Electronic Bitches collective arose and Romano found himself as a resident DJ in a few local clubs, most notably the Perpetuum in Brno. In 2008 and 2009 the EB crew curated their own stage at a legendary dance festival Hradhouse. In 2010 after playing regularly at parties across Czech republic Romano decided to take a break.
After less than five years, he restarted his musical adventures as a part of the Brno based Bastl Instruments collective and Nona Records, where he is currently preparing his debut album under Její Vály moniker. Still Romano Porni continues to DJ as one of the most experienced DJs around and there is no doubt his sets are a safe bet if you are looking for energetic mix of house, techno and electro.