Ostrava born Lukáš Puška makes electronic music since his teenage years. Taking part in a nerdy web community of producers he managed to work out his skills and own style – at that time heavily influenced by drum and bass – which eventually contributed to his appearance at the Electronic Beats festival 2008 in Prague.

Next years brought further exploring of the electronic music scene and experiments with his own sound. No wonder that you can find Andels’ tracks inspired by dupstep, minimal techno as well as IDM. Later on he finally found his favourite flavours in funk, disco, jazz, house or techno which he can craftily melt together to create a perfect amalgam of hypnagogic dance music.
In last years his fanbase was steadily growing thanks to regular feeding of his soundcloud profile and occasional performances, notably the one at the Colors Of Ostrava.

Since 2014 he is a fellow of Brno based Kosmospiel DJs platform and the Bastl Instruments community.